Наш проект Striper на Packaging Of the World

Наш проект Striper на международном портале по дизайну упаковки Packaging Of the World:

How to make a quick decision in fast food? “Big Mac”, “Royal de Lux”, “Big King”. The names of these famous burgers reveal nothing about their ingredients. According to research, 40% of consumers do not choose new dishes, because they do not want to spend their time with learning of a new menu. Our task was to create a package design, which would help the consumer to select the product quick and easy.


The burgers are a super dish, because it is very simple. The only fresh bun combined with different varieties of fillings, may satisfy every taste. Hence, we created the identity style based on the layered structure of burger. It is clear and simple. Striped package with a fresh and juicy burger inside.


Let us introduce you “Striper”. A burger with a rich inner world, which leaves the consumer no more secrets. The content of the filling between two slices of buns has neem shown using the combination of the colored lines. Their intuitive color code will help you to choose the desired burger, even without the reading of the ingredients — simply on the run. Each Striper has its own recognition features: colored stripes. Moreover, in addition to its own color code it marked by its own title. For example, a jalapeno pepper burger has a title of Commodore El Diablo, and a hamburger named as Lieutenant Pork. This naval team walks under the logo, stylized as a title of sailing frigate.