Наш проект D-Gusto для ГК Дикси на Packaging Of the World

Наш проект D-Gusto для ГК Дикси на международном портале по дизайну упаковки Packaging Of the World:
The branding agency Clёver Branding took part in the creation of a new cross-category brand D-GUSTO for the Dixy group of companies.

Recently, buyers in Russia have become more demanding on the quality and taste of food. It is no secret that in many respects the organoleptic characteristics of the products depend on the geography of their growth. The whole world knows that the best tomatoes and lemons on Earth grow in Italy. The most delicious olives come from Spain or Greece. And, in general, Mediterranean cuisine is famous primarily for its simple, but fresh and high-quality products.

Going to meet the new needs of its customers, the Dixy group of companies decided to release a new cross-category product line, which would present products from the Mediterranean countries: Italy and Spain. The task of developing a new brand and packaging design was assigned to the branding agency Clёver Branding. The name D-GUSTO was not chosen by chance. Besides the fact that it is ideally suited for the name of quality products, it is equally translated from both Italian and Spanish. TASTE - this is how you can characterize Mediterranean cuisine. Simple and bright. Such as in the products of D-GUSTO. And this is very important when products from different countries are presented in one STM.

The design is made in warm craft colors using handwritten styles, which emphasizes the traditionality of the products. The name GUSTO creates a feeling of richness of taste, and a mouth-watering image of the product complements and enhances these feelings. The name is written on the background of a vintage photo card with the image of a typical Tuscan or Valencia landscape. Looking at the design of such packaging, the consumer has an understanding that this is an authentic product with Mediterranean roots.