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Наш проект Bonduelle оливки на международном портале по дизайну упаковки Packaging Of the World:
HEALTHY LIVING: Clёver Branding and Bonduelle help nutrition to all healthy lifestyle lovers.

The branding agency Clёver Branding has developed packaging for a completely new product for the Russian market - Bonduelle olives, which can be used as a snack.

Modern life is a time of great speed. Much has to be done on the go: to solve business issues, to engage in self-education, to receive entertainment, and even to eat. Snacks today accompany us throughout the day, and their range is constantly expanding. At the moment, products for a quick snack include not only traditional chips, crackers, crackers, nuts, popcorn, but also snacks from meat, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, cheese.

Every year in Russia, the population’s interest in various snacks is steadily growing, and the number of people who prefer a quick snack is increasing. A large number of consumers in our country are ready to replace them with a full breakfast, because it is very convenient and does not require time-consuming. It is not surprising that the snack market is growing at an average rate of 3% per year, and this trend will continue according to forecasts in the coming years.

But the snack market is undergoing significant changes. Today, in the category of snack foods, chips are the leader, but now one of the key trends is the need for healthy people. Not the first year there has been an increase in interest in this group of goods. This is due both to the desire of the consumer to maintain health and beauty, and to savings, since the well-being of the consumer directly depends on nutrition, and, consequently, his expenses for treatment or disability.

Bonduelle, following its mission to improve the quality of life with plant-based nutrition, has offered Russian consumers of snacks a completely new product that will fully satisfy their key needs - a quick snack made from absolutely healthy and natural products. Bonduelle olives in convenient packaging without brine have become excellent options for all lovers of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it is convenient to take such olives as light snacks for a picnic for beer or wine.

Bonduelle contacted Clёver Branding to develop packaging for the new product. The agency’s specialists had the task to develop a bright and attractive design that would immediately highlight new products on the shelf. Through packaging, it was necessary to convey to the consumer the key advantages of the new product: natural taste, mobility and convenience. That is why the concept proposed by Clёver Branding agency, in an easy and fun way, reflects the situations of consumption of such olives: in travel, in nature, on a walk, and even during business trips. The main hero of the package was bright, juicy and very tasty olives, which you really want to eat.

The new product already occupies a worthy place on the shelves of Russian supermarkets and the first analysis of purchases shows that the packaging does its job well - to attract the buyer, promising him bright, natural and very healthy food.