Наш бренд СТМ LaFresh для Магнита на World Brand Design

Наш проект LaFresh СТМ косметических средств для Магнита на международном ресурсе по бренд-дизайну упаковки World Brand Design:
LaFresh Packaging Design Hygiene and Cosmetic Private Label for Retailer Magnit.

Fresh solutions. Clёver Branding and the Magnit chain of stores make the life of Russian women more beautiful and comfortable. Branding agency Clёver Branding has re-branded LaFresh – a private label of the Magnit chain in the category of hygiene and cosmetic products.

Magnit is one of the leading food retail chains in Russia, the leader in the number of stores and the geography of their location. The company is represented in more than 3,800 localities, and almost 12 million people visit the company’s stores every day. Magnit operates in a multi-format model that includes convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and drogerie stores. As of September 30, 2020, the company had 21,154 retail outlets in 65 regions of Russia. About 39 million people participate in the network’s cross-format loyalty program.

As one of the leaders in Russian retail, Magnit is actively developing its own brands in a variety of categories: from food to household goods and cosmetics. The marketing team of Clёver Branding and the Magnit chain of stores drew attention to two active trends that exist on the cosmetics market today:

  1. Most cosmetics consumers are not ready to waste time on tedious trips to large shopping malls and megamalls, where cosmetics and perfumery chains are mainly located. Drogeries (shops of cosmetics, household chemicals and useful little things), such as Magnit Cosmetic, are becoming very popular – after all, they are often located “near the house”, in the depths of residential areas, and not in the center. It is convenient to run into such shops on the way home. In addition, more and more consumers of cosmetics in Russia are beginning to trust the cosmetic products of domestic manufacturers. According to Mediascope, only 43% of Russian women prefer to use body and face care products from traditional beauty giants. The rest choose cosmetics produced by domestic companies. 
  2. The main trend of the Russian cosmetic market today is simplicity, convenience and environmental friendliness.

In view of changes in consumption trends and audience demands, marketers of the Magnit trade network decided to rebrand their own brand of cosmetics La Fresh. The strategists and designers of the Clёver Branding branding agency were tasked with updating the branding and packaging design of La Fresh in accordance with the above market trends, consumer requests and understanding of the intricacies of retail. The theme of sustainability is explored with gentle, clean and natural tones applied in broad brush strokes across the packaging. The logo was corrected and new color solutions were developed for various products of the line.

Today, La Fresh cosmetics with updated packaging are successfully sold in more than 10,000 different supermarkets of the Magnit family of stores throughout Russia.